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Car luggage rack surface polishing machine for mirror processing

Time: 2020-02-10 11:50:53

Author: 江门市亚泰智能抛磨科技有限公司



At present, the surface of automobile luggage racks is still polished by hand, and there are many specifications. I hope that mirror processing can be performed. However, manual operation will affect the surface polishing effect and the quality is unstable. And now the labor cost is relatively high, manual polishing is inefficient, and the daily output is not high. Automobile manufacturers need to transform and find automated equipment.


      With the increase of labor force, environmental protection requirements are becoming more and more stringent. Many longer products encounter many difficulties in production, such as poor polishing environment, long product length, and long polishing time, resulting in increased polishing costs. For example, the SUV car luggage rack has a length of nearly 2 meters, and there are multiple surfaces to be polished, which adds a lot of difficulty to polishing. To this end, our company has specially developed a polishing machine for luggage racks of off-road vehicles with a long length and multiple polished surfaces. This model is a CNC machine with automatic polishing, which can change the trajectory according to the shape of the product, so as to better fit the surface of the product and meet customer requirements. The machine has stable performance and simple operation. Only one polishing worker is needed, which saves costs for manufacturers, improves efficiency and brings greater benefits.


      The day before yesterday, the tailor-made off-road vehicle luggage rack polishing machine for customers took a truck and ran smoothly and quickly towards its destination, Zhejiang. In a beautiful city, this model also has a feature. It is equipped with a dust collection studio to surround the machine in an all-round way to avoid dust flying and contribute to the cause of environmental protection.


      Yatai Intelligent Polishing Technology is dedicated to the research and development of various types of polishing machines to add its own strength to intelligent manufacturing. Yatai automatic polishing machine, the source manufacturer of metal polishing machine for 15 years, the company that cooperates with the world's top 500 companies, mainly polishing metal products, such as stainless steel pots, door handles, bathrooms, kitchenware, exported to home and abroad, short delivery time The products include flexible automatic metal polishing machine, CNC 6-axis polishing machine, disc polishing machine and car luggage rack polishing machine. You can also customize exclusive polishing equipment.


    Flexible metal polishing machine: efficient, dust-free, no polishing workers, fool-type operation, can polish 300 zinc alloy handles per hour.

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