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How to maintain the automatic polishing machine?

Time: 2020-02-10 11:52:39

Author: 江门市亚泰智能抛磨科技有限公司


As labor costs continue to rise, especially in the polishing industry, more and more companies are equipped with automated production, minimizing manual operations and environmentally friendly dust removal. To this end, our company specializes in manufacturing suitable equipment for the bathroom industry, lock industry, electronic accessories industry, kitchenware industry and hardware industry. During the use of the equipment, pay attention to the maintenance of the polishing machine and prolong the service life of the machine. How to maintain the polishing machine?


     First of all, the electrical circuit needs to be inspected regularly every month. If it is found that it is damaged, it needs to be replaced immediately, otherwise it is easy to cause an accident. Secondly, every part of the equipment needs to be inspected, and the loose places should be reinforced under the premise of observing the maintenance manual, and the damaged places should be replaced immediately to ensure that the equipment is in production. The polishing equipment needs to be lubricated regularly, which can reduce the friction of the equipment and extend the life.

    When operating the equipment, we need to clean it daily, weekly and monthly to reduce the accumulation of dust on the equipment. Doing the above actions regularly allows us to better maintain the equipment and extend the life of the equipment.


     Yatai automatic polishing machine, 15 years of automatic polishing machine manufacturers of metal polishing machines, companies in cooperation with the world's top 500 companies, mainly polishing metal products, such as stainless steel pots, door handles, bathroom, kitchen utensils, sold at home and abroad, delivery Short period, the products include flexible automatic metal polishing machine, CNC 6-axis polishing machine, disc polishing machine and car luggage rack polishing machine, also can customize exclusive polishing equipment.


     Flexible metal polishing machine: efficient, dust-free, no polishing workers, fool-type operation, can polish 300 zinc alloy handles per hour.

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