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Small disc polisher can polish kettles of various materials

Time: 2020-02-10 11:55:26

Author: 江门市亚泰智能抛磨科技有限公司



We have always produced small disc polishing machines. The polishing machines can be installed with different polishing consumables, and the corresponding consumables are installed according to the effect of the product polished by the customer. Different consumables also correspond to the effect, so our small disc polishing machines can polish them in the face of kettles of different materials.


      When I first came to Yatai Company, the discs I saw were very large, with a diameter of 2200mm, which is mainly used for products with a relatively large diameter, such as a diameter range of 200nnm. The settings are different for different positions. Polishing head, such as stainless steel cover, the cover is divided into two parts, the top surface and the side, then the two polishing heads need to polish this surface separately, the top surface uses A17, only need to press down, forward and backward movement Yes, the side should be polished with A15 along the lines. The cover made of stainless steel is first sanded by a Chiba wheel, then the light emitting step is performed by a hemp wheel, and finally a cloth wheel is used to achieve a mirror effect. This requires 6 polishing heads for processing. If it is not necessary to achieve a mirror effect, 4 polishing heads are required. The effect of the cover surface is very important and will directly affect the effect of subsequent processes. Some special-shaped products require different heads for polishing. The action of this polishing head can be matched according to the surface.


      The work tasks in 2020 are a bit heavy. Let's work hard together. When we encounter something, we must seize it. It's easy to see and try, it's arduous in practice, keep your heart and mind, and match the suitable polishing head for customers to make the polishing effect better. The small disc polishing machine also has his own characteristics, advantages, and is good at discovering some beautiful things. As far as possible, the stainless steel baffle can be completed on a small disc polishing machine. In the ordinary communication, keep learning, and constantly update your knowledge base, and provide solutions as soon as possible in front of customers. According to different product sizes, different discs are matched. According to the actual effect, match different workpiece positions. Try to make customers understand how their disc machines are chosen.


      Weibo find me @ 亚泰 Automatic polishing machine, automatic polishing machine manufacturer for 15 years producing metal polishing machines, companies that cooperate with Fortune 500 companies, mainly polishing metal products, such as stainless steel pots, door handles, sanitary ware, kitchenware, exported to the sea Inside and outside, the delivery time is short. The products include flexible automatic metal polishing machine, CNC 6-axis polishing machine, disc polishing machine and car luggage rack polishing machine. You can also customize exclusive polishing equipment.


      Flexible metal polishing machine: efficient, dust-free, no polishing workers, fool-type operation, can polish 300 zinc alloy handles per hour.


      If you have any enquiries, please visit our website www.jmyatai.com.

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