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Small disc automatic polishing machine is flexible and running

Time: 2020-02-10 11:56:21

Author: 江门市亚泰智能抛磨科技有限公司



In addition to large disc polishing machines, we also produce small disc automatic polishing machines. Compared to large disc polishing machines, small disc machines occupy a small area, are flexible, and operate in a streamlined manner. The product can be polished in place at one time. Many customer products are relatively small and prefer to use such equipment for polishing.


       Today is the second day of 2020, and we will keep our minds, mindfulness, sincerity, and sincere service to customers. Whenever a customer has a problem, I will deal with it immediately, and at 3 am, someone will reply. In order to let customers use this small disc machine to a greater extent, we set up a special customer service department to answer questions for customers. The size of the general small disc automatic polishing machine is 1200mm. This way we can distribute 2-4 small polishing heads to fit. Be flexible. One customer's product is a camera cover. This product does not require a 1200 disc. His disc size is 600mm. With three polishing heads, three steps of rough, medium and fine polishing are performed. In the process, matching the corresponding polishing consumables, so that the product can achieve a mirror effect, this customer is very satisfied with the effect. Streamlined operation can reduce the number of machines and finish polishing on one device, which can improve efficiency. In mass production, compared with other counterparts, it requires 2-3 single-head polishing machines to work together, which occupies a large area, costs more than a disc machine, and is troublesome to maintain. Generally explain to the customer clearly and sincerely serve the customer. Starting today's work in 2020, everything is the best arrangement, and time friends have a good point of view. Keep up with this era, keep up with this group of people, Yatai colleagues, we cheer together, work hard together, thank you for meeting this group of colleagues, so that I can go more stable and faster in the polishing industry. Looking at the problem from multiple angles, no matter which mode, doing things directly is a better choice. Every year the economy will say that this is a bad year, and all we can do is to increase our ability in this bad year.


        Weibo find me @ 亚泰 Automatic polishing machine, automatic polishing machine manufacturer for 15 years producing metal polishing machines, companies that cooperate with Fortune 500 companies, mainly polishing metal products, such as stainless steel pots, door handles, sanitary ware, kitchenware, exported to the sea Inside and outside, the delivery time is short. The products include flexible automatic metal polishing machine, CNC 6-axis polishing machine, disc polishing machine and car luggage rack polishing machine. You can also customize exclusive polishing equipment.


       Flexible metal polishing machine: efficient, dust-free, no polishing workers, fool-type operation, can polish 300 zinc alloy handles per hour.

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