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How to use a polisher

Time: 2020-03-11 09:38:05

Author: 江门市亚泰智能抛磨科技有限公司


When Yatai automatic polishing machine is shipped, the polishing barrel is given away for sanitary ware polishing, lock polishing, and kitchen utensil polishing.

Because the compressed air is connected to the barrel when the blasting system is working, it must be used carefully to avoid injury. When adding wax, first open the exhaust valve on the bucket lid to drain the pressure in the bucket to ensure that there is no pressure in the bucket before opening the bucket lid. Then loosen the six butterfly nuts on the bucket lid and lift the lid (note Whether the sealant in the bucket lid is in the right position, or it will leak air), lock the wing nut. The lock nut is evenly locked at the corresponding angle. It cannot be locked on the opposite side of the seal. After locking, slowly open the intake valve, observe the pressure gauge, adjust the pressure regulator to an appropriate pressure, and you can use it normally. The maximum working pressure of the wax bucket must not exceed 0.7Mpa.

The amount of shot spray can be adjusted on the screw cap on the back of the spray gun, and the intermittent time of shot spray can be set in the touch screen. The front section of the spray gun is equipped with an adjustable nozzle, which can adjust the spray angle and orientation. After using the nozzle for a period of time, the nozzle will wear out and become larger. When the nozzle effect cannot meet the production needs, the nozzle should be replaced.

The spray gun may be blocked due to impurities in the wax during use. At this time, the spray gun can be removed and cleaned with compressed air or water. It must not be washed with hot water or other corrosive solutions above 60 ° C. (Caution! The spray gun nozzle must not be pointed at people when working)

When you stop using the spray gun system at work every day, talk about the filter outlet valve on the wax bucket being closed. Sometimes some hardware polishing plants do not care about cleaning the wax bucket when they are busy, but they must clean the spray gun regularly to keep the gun body open.


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