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What kind of products can be used on the polishing machine?

Time: 2020-03-11 09:51:27

Author: 江门市亚泰智能抛磨科技有限公司


Recently attended some exhibitions, guests will have a lot of questions about the shape. Can your equipment throw shaped products? Can I polish round products? Can I polish the bevel? Can I polish gourd-type products? Wait for a series of questions about shape faces.

In fact, as long as the shape of the product is not very special, the recess gap is small, and the polishing cloth wheel cannot enter, most of them can be polished. Flat products such as lock covers, panel surfaces, bathroom accessories, and hardware can be polished in a single station. Machine YT-B105, while the multi-station polishing machine can polish multiple surfaces, top and side are polished together. For special-shaped products, we launched a new model, YT-A121, which is a numerically controlled model that can perform profiling movements according to the surface of the product, covering the surface of the product in all directions, and the program can be adjusted to adapt the polished wheels to product.

Our polishing equipment can be customized according to the shape of your product. Different products match different models. Round products, square products, and beveled products can be put on polishing equipment. At the same time, a corresponding fixture must be made so that the product can be safely placed on the machine for grinding.

So at the exhibition, I usually tell customers, first look at the product's appearance, round, square, triangular, straight and so on, and then ask the guests what effect to achieve, according to this effect and shape It is better to develop a new plan and recommend which equipment and consumables to use.

The shape of the product will change slightly, but our equipment will follow the product change to enhance his ability to polish a better product for the customer.

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